Will of John Prillaman
(c. 1754-1842)
son of Jacob and Walburga

In the name of God amen, I John Prillaman of the County of Franklin, being far advanced in years, and knowing that by course of nature I am not to remain long in this life, do make and ordain this my last Will and testament. In the first place as to my Daughter Catharine who intermarried with George Sumpter, and my Daughter Anny who intermarried with John Dennis, and to my Daughter Barbara who intermarried with Henry Hickman, I give them severally, nothing but what they have already received; to my son Jacob I give the sum of Sixty Seven Dollars, to be paid to him in money by my son Abraham which will make with what he has heretofore received, the sum of about five hundred dollars and no more. To my Daughter Elizabeth who intermarried with Moses Fuller, I give the sum of four hundred dollars to be paid to her by my son Abraham, and no more. To my son Isaac I give all my land on the South side of the Long hollow Ridge, the Summit of the ridge to be the dividing line between him and the land herein after devised to my son Abraham and my daughter Susannah, to my said son Isaac and his heirs forever. To my son, Abraham & to my Daughter Susannah jointly I give the Tract of Land on which I now live, and if my said Daughter Susannah should marry or die before my son Abraham, then the entire tract to become the sole property of my son Abraham and his heirs forever, my said son Abraham to see my said Daughter Susannah supported and maintained during her life. To my present wife, Lucy, I give one negro boy named Nelson, to be absolute property, and to be disposed of as she may think proper. I also give to my said wife Lucy another negro boy named Dick, during her life, and after her death, I give the said negro Dick to my son Abraham. To my Daughter Susannah I also give my negro boys, Peter and Andrew, and my negro girl named Phebe, and the future increase of the said Phebe, during the life os my said Daughter Susannah, and after her death I give the said negro boys Peter and Andrew, and the said negro girl Phebe and her future increase to my son Abraham. I likewise give all my stock and perishable property to my wife Lucy and my son Abraham and my Daughter Susannah for their support.

I appoint my son Abraham Prillaman, sole Executor of this my last Will and Testament, In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this nineteenth day of October in the year of Christ 1838.

John X Prillaman

Signed sealed 7 Acknowledged as the last Will & Testament of John Prillaman, to which we have subscribed our names as witnessed in the presence of the Testator & of each other

C. Tate
James S. Callaway
Daniel P. Helms

At a Court held for Franklin County at the Courthouse the 4th day of April, 18 42.

This last Will and Testament of John Prillaman Decd, was produced in Court and proved by the oath of James S. Callaway and Daniel P. Helms two subscribing witnesses thereto and ordered to be recorded and on the motion of Abraham Prillaman, the Executor named in said Will, who made oath and gave bond & security according to law certificate is granted him for obtaining a probate thereof in due form.

Teste: Moses G. Carper, Clerk of Franklin County

Franklin County Virginia, Will Book No. 5, 1837-45, pages 74-75