Draper, William (1760-1818)
Eggleton, Michael (1799-1868)
Prillaman, Daniel (1758-1854)
Prillaman, David (1799-1858)
Prillaman Sr., Jacob (1721-1796)
Prillaman, John (c1754-1842)
Pyrtle, John (c1754-bef 1797)
Sowder, Jacob (c1734-1819)
Turner, George Wilson (1776-1854)
Turner, William (1753-1845)
Via, William (1779-1839)

Court Records

Jacob Prillaman vs. Spearpoint

Civil War Letters

Christian Snidow Prillaman to his father: Finish the House (June 8 1862)
Christian Snidow Prillaman to his brother: Your Legs Are on Crutches (Dec 28, 1863)
Fleming Martin Prillaman to his family: From Chimbarazo Hospital (Nov 13, 1863)

Obituaries, Eulogies, & Memoriams

Draper, Elkanah Brammer (1827-1902)
Draper, Polly Eggleton (1832-1902) wife of Elkanah Draper
Eggleton, Eliza Robertson (1803 - 1889) wife of Michael Eggleton
Helm, Thomas (1773 - 1854)



The Prillaman Family Book

The first Prillaman Family History book was published in 1959 based on the research of Ellen Stanley Rogers. Norris Prillaman Miller continued the work of Ms. Rogers and served as the official Prillaman historian. We will always be grateful to Mrs. Miller for contributing numerous updated pages for the Prillaman Family History. In the late 1990's she retired from this neverending task. In April of 2002 she stated her desire for others to be able to know their family history and agreed to allow publicaton of her book on this website.
     The most recent revision of this book can be accessed by clicking the title above.