Our Prillaman Ancestors

Jacob PRILLAMAN was born in 1721 and died in 1796 when he was 75. Jacob and his family were the first known Prillamans in Virginia. His surname had variant spellings including Pryliman and Priliman in Maryland records; and Brilleman, Brilliman, Bruhlmann, Brillaman, Brilemon, Brillemon, Pillemon, and Pruhlman on land deeds, other documents, and tombstones in Virginia.

Jacob's wife was named Walburga. She is sometimes referred to as Waltpurgelly or Priscilla. She is believed by some to have been a HELM. This supposition is based on the fact that Thomas Helm was "sent to live with relatives" after his mother was widowed - those relatives being Jacob and Waltpurgelly.
Thomas Helm lived with the Prillaman family from the age of seven, bought their land, and married their grand-daughter. The close connection between the Prillaman and Snidow families also leads many to believe that Waltpurgelly may have been a sister to Elizabeth Helm who was the wife of John Snidow of Giles County, Virginia.

Jacob and Waltburga's five children are listed below and will connect you to their descendants.